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Just Nuts Over Nipples

Jessica Cries Blood

I’ve never considered Sears to be a particularly fashionable store, an opinion I thought was vindicated recently when the chain introduced its Kardashian Kollection—a flop that opened with slashed prices across the Sears chain here in Canada. Instead I’ve always…

Cycling in the City

cyclists toronto

As long as I can remember cyclists have been a part of the traffic in Toronto and for the last couple of years there has been an ongoing dispute between cycling advocates and those who prefer to get around the…

Gown by Poiret

Paul Poiret

A printed silk gown ca. 1912 attributed to French designer Paul Poiret (1879-1944). Measurements: Bust approx 92cm (36 in), Waist 72 cm (28 in). The current estimated value of this dress is between 9,200 CAD to 12,300 CAD. The pencil sketch…