The Fashion Spot; if you’re serious about fashion.

Jalou Gallery; excellent archives

Worn Through; a discussion of the social-cultural, academic, historical, and critical aspects of dress.

The Sartorialist; most fashion photo blogs are crap, this one isn’t.

Humorchic; the way today’s fashion industry should be viewed.; fashion history

Crowd Funding; it is what it is and you never know when you’ll need a little help.

Museums and Historical Sites

Air America; an excellent site if you’re interested in the history of this fascinating airline

AIRheads FLY; pretty airplanes, pretty pictures, interesting aviation stories: Paddy-approved

the Ancient Web; ancient civilizations, not ancient websites

The Aviationist; another Paddy-approved aviation site and a good one at that

Bomb Sight: mapping the WW2 bomb census (the Blitz)

ColorizedHistory; a collection of colourized historical photographs

Fotogigen; some stunning photographs

Hush-Kit, the alternative aviation magazine; it is, and tis good. Paddy prowls Hush-Kit

Imperial War Museum Duxford; an excellent RAF museum, according to Paddy

Internet Archive Book Images; over 2 million historic copyright-free pictures

Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology; their digital collections

Paddy’s Airplane Pics on Flickr; Paddy reveals more of his aviation art and drawing collection

Primitive Technology; it is what it is, and tis fascinating

Victoria and Albert Museum; tis famous for good reason

War is Boring; insight into life in a dangerous world, Paddy prowls this site too

Other Interesting Sites

Aeon; Since September 2012, Aeon has been publishing some of the most profound and provocative thinking on the web (from their site)

ArtRage; an alternative to Photoshop?

the Atlantic; just good writing

the Beaverton; Canadian news told the way it should be

Dumpr; when you want to fool around with mounting photos

The Intercept; watching the NSA; in their words, “to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.”

Join the Realm; create your own sigil à la Game of Thrones

Landover Baptist Church; where christian fundamentalists live loud and proud… don’t they

Lifehacker; Windows apps, some are even useful

Magick for the Real World; unfortunately this blog has been quiet but it still contains some interesting articles

George R. R. Martin’s website; a few sites need no further explanation

The Mid-Century Menu; Cold War food, misunderstood cuisine

The New Yorker; the magazine… good writing.

Patheos Pagan; if you’re so inclined

PMSLweb; tis just funny

Pottermore: History of Magic in North America by J.K. Rowling

PhotoFunia; like Dumpr but easier to use, therefore better; another online photo enhancer, easy-peasy to use

Ricochet; a ‘progressive’ news site free of corporate owners and promoting a conception of journalism which goes beyond the 24-hour news cycle (from the website).

Say It With Sea Otters; poignant and funny

The Syrup Trap; Canada’s favourite humour magazine, according to the website

The Telegraph Pictures of the Day; even if you don’t read this newspaper you can still enjoy the photos; field guide to North American birds, by Mitchell Waite


Black/White Colorization Tutorial; Photoshop magic – I love this software

How to Colorize an Old (Black and White) Photo; another tutorial for Photoshop

How to Colorize Black and White Vintage Photographs; do you see a pattern here

News and Politics

Best Fighter for Canada; yes, in “Politics”; the F-35 is the focus and the issue is highly political

Canadaland; Canadian media commentary so of course tis political; podcasts, sigh (I’d rather read the material than listen)

Common Decency; a new way of looking at parliamentary democracies such as ours (Canada’s) and what to do if you don’t like what you see without turning into a dick

Dugs N Pubs; we want Toronto to be more dog friendly, for instance we should be able to take our dogs into our local pubs

The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership; the Guns, God & Gallows crowd like to justify personal gun ownership by saying the guns are used for defence, this essay reveals the fallacy behind the excuse

Truth, Justice and the Curious Case of Chris Kyle; the oh-so-important American Sniper backstory

The Tyee; good newspapers can live on the Web but they are rare, some masquerade as fish


Alt Codes; keyboard codes, you never know when you’ll need them

The Color Thesaurus; when you need just that word to describe a colour

Columbia Journalism Review; no description needed

The Economist Style Guide: concise and simple

Font Squirrel; free fonts, lots of them

fontpalace; more free fonts, lots of them

Grammarly; online grammar checker

Masthead; Canadian magazine industry news

Oxford Dictionaries; language matters

The Punctuation Guide; for when you can’t remember all the rules, and who can

The Septic’s Companion; a British slang dictionary, informative and hilarious

60 Brilliant WordPress Tutorials; or so the site says

What to Pay a Writer; write for free?…nay, nay.

Wordmark; all your fonts seen at a glance, very handy


COPD Canada

The Lung Association – COPD; just as it says


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