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The Alexandra Highcrest Magazine has its roots in Angelina’s Wings, a cooperative blog written and researched by myself, my partner Karen, and Angelina Pieros. I am a writer; Paddy (brought in as part of the AHM team) is my oldest and dearest friend and is in love with historic aviation, Angelina is a researcher, and Karen is an award winning textile artisan.

The focus of AW was living a fashionable life, both current and historic, and essentially the same applies to the Magazine. We haven’t abandoned the idea of AW, we’re just expanding and giving WordPress a whirl. The team is staying together and hopefully this new platform will allow us to get a little more creative in our writing and presentation of visual information.

At Home on the Stroll

At Home on the Stroll

If you think this is just another diary blog; you know, with dozens if not hundreds of personal anecdotes about clubbing, partying, and excessive drinking and/or drug use you’ll be disappointed, we’re too old and too experienced to prattle on about our social lives and besides, who cares? I’ve also written my autobiography, At Home on the Stroll, so if you must know a little about my wild side read the book.

The AH Magazine began as a fashion-focused journal but it was never a shopping blog; there are too many already and we don’t care where you buy your stuff, just wear what makes you feel good. If you want to know where I bought my Chanel bag or Donna Karan trench just ask. We don’t bite.


P.S.: If you’d like to learn more just leave us a comment or write us at alexandrahighcrest@alexandrahighcrest.com

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