Love the Retouched Photo You’re In


I love my retouched skin

I love my retouched skin

Au naturel and retouched photos of Twiggy have recently appeared in The Daily Mail and they beg the questions, “When should celebs, particularly those whose careers are based on their looks, retire and, more importantly, how much photoshopping is too much?”

Twiggy, realworld name Leslie Hornby, is just shy of her 60th birthday yet she’s been contracted to be the new face of Olay’s Definity anti-ageing cream. We at AHM think it’s wonderful when mature women model but the differences between images of the real Twiggy and retouched Twiggy are so dramatic they may as well be two different women.

The One Ring conveyed virtual immortality on the ring-bearer by preventing natural ageing. Twiggy lost her Ring years ago but an Olay photoshop wizard took care of her.

Airbrushing (photo retouching) expert Michelle Facey of Facey Media said the amount of work done to retouch Twiggy’s signs of ageing in the advert picture was “a sham” and “totally misleading to the customer. I am shocked by how much airbrushing has been done. She looks like a woman in her late 20’s or 30’s.” 

She said: “I think they have really gone overboard. I did not realize she looked so different in real life.” 

Sarah Clark, spokeswoman for Olay Definity, would not say how much the new deal was worth but said, “We were thrilled to welcome Twiggy back to the brand. She is a true beauty icon who continues to be an inspiration to millions of women across the UK.” What Olay did with Twiggy’s image shows the company believes she was a beauty icon, but not any more.

Looking Kind of Tired

Looking Kind of Tired

In the past Twiggy has spoken of her desire to maintain a natural look as she gets older. “I’m grateful for my lines of wisdom,” she said. “Of course, there are days when I think: ‘Oh my gawd, I look a bit tired’. But I can pull it together if I have to.” 

There is much more to this story and we predict photoshopping will join skinny models as topics for the journos and wags to debate during the upcoming fashion weeks.



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