Redneck Sushi

It’s difficult to say when food became fashionable but no one can deny that fashionable eating is a part of living a fashionable life. The downside of this is that many unworthy dishes have evolved into being pretentious, and I hate pretentious food.

Don’t get me wrong; I love food and I eat like a bird, which means I eat often and I often eat a lot. Imagine how much energy a bird uses when he flies, usually in the hunt for food; birds need to eat like they mean it.

Kate Garraway with her Bangers

Kate Garraway with her Bangers

Lollipop models and actresses don’t eat like birds, they eat as if they loathe or fear food, or enjoy deprivation. Not me. Good food is a pleasure and I’m a hedonist.

Various dishes became pretentious around the same time we gave skilled chefs popular celebrity status, an accolade few deserve. Cooking is not that hard and anyone who can read and do simple math can create delicious meals for themselves and their families. British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has proved this many times on his various TV shows.

Wolfgang Puck is a fine example of a celeb chef who has taken a basic dish – the hamburger – and turned it into something pretentious simply by making them with expensive ingredients, and making them small enough to serve to the lollipops who attend Oscar after-parties. A suggested serving for the rest of us is three of the little buggers, so why not eat one full-sized burger?

Everything has its opposite and when considering pretentious foods such as Puck’s burgers I offer you redneck sushi, a delicious dish that looks quite compelling when artfully presented. No recipe or years of culinary training required, just a sense of humour.

Calories (estimated as pictured):

Macaroni and Cheese: 360

Wieners or Octachien (2): 300

Green Beans (buttered): 140

If you’d prefer to create an English classic how about bangers and mash, a favourite of British TV personality Kate Garraway?

Bon app├ętit.


Research: Angelina Pieros

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