Kate Moss is Virgin Birthday Girl

Virgin Atlantic celebrated its 25th birthday on 22nd June and Sir Richard Branson invited Kate Moss to the party.

Moss, dressed in a red playsuit and Yves Saint Laurent Tribute platform heels, emulated the Virgin Atlantic flying girls, painted in the style of the Alberto Vargas pin-ups of the 1940s on the noses of the fleet’s liners.

Airplanes had been decorated with female imagery long before Branson or Moss were born and by military standards Virgin’s nose art is quite tame, but it’s good to see the tradition being kept alive.

Moss tottered in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson, who modeled as Virgin’s birthday girl in June 2005.

Virgin Atlantic’s current advertising campaign has been criticized for being sexist but we at AHM like to give credit where it’s due. We applaud Sir Richard for using celebrity women such as Kate and Pamela as models for Virgin’s birthday celebrations. Branson could’ve whistled up any one of a number of rail-thin teenage models to work these gigs but instead he’s featured adult women with real women’s bodies.

After the photo shoot Moss, Branson, and a handful of other celebs boarded the Boeing 747 Birthday Girl and recreated Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight to New York. The special flight flew under the command of Captain Geoff Andreason, Virgin Atlantic’s chief Boeing pilot.

Research: Angelina Pieros

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