This Summer’s Ugliest Pants

If you look around it quickly becomes obvious that very few men have the faintest idea how to dress. So many guys look like they get their style cues from bankers and politicians, or they just don’t care, or they’re out of work B-list comedians. Men definitely should not be encouraged to dress badly but JUMA has not gotten our memo.

What saddens me most about these horrible slacks is that they were created by Canadian designers, brother and sister team Alia and Jamil Juma. At first glance I would’ve thought a Project Runway first round reject had sewed up these boring, ill-fitting trousers but the Juma’s are not rank rookies; they’ve been on the game for about six years.

Sources tell us that JUMA’s clothes are sold throughout North America and that their kurta pants are moving well in New York (why?…AP). What this tells me is that if anyone, regardless of the strange aesthetic of their designs, can get their duds into a few NY shops they’ll find a few trend-hungry but style-challenged customers to buy them, and this is why so many people laugh at fashion.

Research: Angelina Pieros

Sources: JUMA

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