Lou Pine, In the Beginning

We’d like to introduce to you our friend Lou Pine. He’s a dog. Although it has become fashionable for people to acquire fancy and/or fluffy little dogs with pedigrees that go back generations, or papers that would satisfy a Cold War border guard, Lou has no papers or pedigree. He’s not a teacup this or toy that—he’s just a dog, a small one.

Lou was born in January 2011 in a small cabin located in a secret location in central Ontario. We know nothing about his parents except that they did the nasty at least once. Lou has brothers and sisters but they’ve all fled to parts unknown.

Lou showed up on our doorstep in March 2011 after extensive negotiations with his previous caretakers, “You the ladies who wanted a dog?“
“Thanks, he’s perfect.” My partner can talk the spots off a leopard.

For us, Lou is perfect. He’s healthy and loving, smart as a whip, friendly and playful, and fearless to a fault. He’s also small enough (he only weighs about six kilos, smaller than many of the neighbourhood cats) for us to handle him, a big dog was out of the question.

Thanks to his friendliness and fearlessness, and the fact that he’s just so cute, he was a hit at last year’s Woofstock and he’s becoming a legend in our local dog park. As far as playmates go, no dog is too big or too small for Lou.

Considering all of Lou’s attributes and qualities (I admit my bias) you might be thinking, “I’d like a little Lou of my own.” You’re out of luck, Lou has been neutered so there won’t be any younger Louies running around any time soon. Lou Pine is one of a kind.