Doing It Over Again for Do Over Day

We Did It

About a year ago we wrote about Do Over Day for Angelina’s Wings, the journal that became the forerunner for Alexandra Highcrest Magazine. At the time we announced that we were going to renovate our Toronto offices and bring in an intern to help with the workload. Well, we’ve done it and AHM is the result. We’ve cleaned up the digs and Paddy O’Conure is officially a member of the AHM family, although he’s still an intern.

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Lets face it, we’ve all done things we’ve later regretted, or regret not doing things we could’ve or should’ve done. Up until recently these regrets were just accepted as a part of life but now we’ve been given a semi-official day to reflect on our past highs and lows, or to begin setting things right – Do Over Day.

The ‘do over’ was envisioned by physicists constructing the CERN particle accelerator in Switzerland in the 1980s. While creating the means to examine and perhaps alter the space-time continuum, they tossed around the idea of doing over certain portions of one’s life, should time-travel dreams ever become reality. The idea languished amongst the scientists until finally one man with foresight and intrepidness stepped forward and transformed a mere notion into a nationwide, unqualified, bona fide reality, or at least, for some, a non-stat holiday. That man, founder of Do Over Day, is known as Reggie.

Reggie knew what he had to do. “It struck me that Canadians inhabit a maze of social conundrums,” he said. “On the one hand we think of ourselves as an easy-going, polite, even mild, people. But there’s also a passive-aggressiveness in Canadians that is tempered, thankfully, with a collective deep sense of embarrassment about our many flaws. That’s why we decided Canada needed Do Over Day, a notion resoundingly confirmed by the over four thousand focus groups we convened for this very purpose.”

The Angelina’s Wings staff can spend days reliving past glories: the fabulous parties we’ve attended, our brilliant business decisions, our sexual adventures, however we’re not big on regrets. We’ve still managed to embrace the idea of Do Over Day by modifying it to suit our needs. Our flagship offices in downtown Toronto are in desperate need of renovations and our overworked staff have been demanding more help.

In the spirit of the day, work has begun. We’ve hired a contractor and an interior designer to do the heavy lifting, and we’ve brought Padraig O’Conure, better known as Paddy, on board as our first intern/PA. Paddy will also provide our journal with a guy’s point of view, so watch for his articles once we’ve chosen an appropriate avatar for him.

Time travel may be a few years away but when it does arrive Do Over Day – by then an international event – will be awaiting it, with a backlog 6.8 billion-plus do-overs. We’ll be ready too, lounging in our newly renovated digs while our interns and PAs satisfy our every whim.

We couldn’t be happier with the changes we’ve made and we’re looking forward to a fun and productive 2010.

Happy Do Over Day

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