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Seasons of War

2 December, 2013
Fairies Trick or Treating

There is a season for waging war, even a phoney one fought on television and in newspapers by pundits trying to wake up their dozing audience. Traditionally military campaigns were begun in mid or late spring after the spring crops were planted and the livestock had birthed their offspring. Once the rural chores were complete…

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Just Nuts Over Nipples

26 October, 2012
Jessica Cries Blood

I’ve never considered Sears to be a particularly fashionable store, an opinion I thought was vindicated recently when the chain introduced its Kardashian Kollection—a flop that opened with slashed prices across the Sears chain here in Canada. Instead I’ve always considered Sears to be a…

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Lou Pine, Hobnobing with a Local Politico

19 September, 2012
Lou Pine - Toothy Grin

Our local dog park is a simmering pot of political discourse. Liberals and conservatives, socialists and libertarians, and everyone in between can be heard touting their views on the issues of the day. The exchanges occur in person between real people and they are polite,…

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The Pagan Olympics

29 August, 2012
The Cauldron, London 2012. A Pagan Gathering?

The ancient Olympics have been described as a total pagan entertainment package, a “Woodstock of antiquity” featuring pervasive prostitution, broken bones, animal sacrifice, doping… and sport. It was first and…

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Lou Pine, Calendar Dog

5 August, 2012
Lou Pine At the Fountain

Lou Pine has entered a contest and you can help him win. Lou wants to become a calendar dog. Pet Valu, a Canadian chain of stores selling all kinds of…

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Lou Pine, In the Beginning

2 August, 2012
Feisty Since Birth

We’d like to introduce to you our friend Lou Pine. He’s a dog. Although it has become fashionable for people to acquire fancy and/or fluffy little dogs with pedigrees that…

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Lingerie All the Rage in the 15th Century

28 July, 2012
15th Century Bra

This piece of clothing is hardly racy by today’s standards but the skimpy bit of lingerie has certainly shocked historians. The lace and linen undergarment dates back to hundreds of…

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Fundamentalists Have Fun with Nessie

9 July, 2012
Dragon at Sunset

In a Bible Belt bid to disprove Darwin’s theory of evolution thousands of US schoolchildren are to be taught that the Loch Ness monster is real. Next year pupils attending…

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On the Game in a Game of Thrones

29 June, 2012
the prostitute Ros at work

Game of Thrones was this spring’s flag drama on HBO, and the best drama on television. Tis dark fantasy based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire…

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